#TechTalk: Last Minute Delivery Dates & Cell Phone Accessories

You've waited 'til the last minute.

You still need to buy a bunch of presents but you're not sure if they're gonna get to you in time.

They will! They will! They really will!

But only if you order soon...

A lot of places have two-day shipping, but not all of them. So before you start choosing your shipping method, you may want to make sure that your delivery will get to you on time.

Let's assume that you want your presents at the very last minute and you're ok with them arriving on Christmas Eve. In order to receive them by that date, you want to make sure you order them by:

  • FedEx - Dec. 19
  • UPS - Dec. 19 or 20 (depending on shipping method)
  • Most Retailers - Dec. 20
  • USPS - Dec. 20
  • Amazon - Dec. 22

(Mind you, CNET made this list with the assumption that you don't select a next day shipping option.)

And if you still need some gift ideas, we recommend you take a look at cell phone accessories. Nearly every single person as one, and nobody has everything they could possibly want, so there's almost always a viable option for you to pick from. Marc put together a killer list of ideas on USA Today, including headphones, storage devices, phones cases, and much more.

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