Slanted Toilet Designed to Stop Employees from Taking Long Restroom Breaks

A British startup has created a solution to a problem I didn't even think was an issue, but it's apparently a really crappy problem.

StandardToilet has made a new porcelain throne designed at a 13 degree slant.

This slope mimics squat thrusts, putting a strain on the person's legs and forcing them off after about five minutes.

The reason?

Apparently, in the UK extended potty breaks cost companies a crap ton.

“It is estimated that in the United Kingdom alone, extended employee breaks costs industry and commerce an estimated £4 billion ($5.23 billion) per annum...Our unique Patent Application, applicable both (in the) UK and worldwide, offers the ability to increase business efficiency and profits through reductions in social media usage.”

Now before you get down in the dumps over this new idea, StandardToilet says the slope also provides some health benefits too.

They say that medical studies have suggested using traditional toilets can cause swollen hemorrhoids and the weakening of pelvic muscles.

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