President Trump's Approval Rises While Support For Impeachment Drops

President Trump Addresses The Nation In His First State Of The Union Address To Joint Session Of  Congress

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Hours before the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives votes to impeach President Trump, a new poll was released that shows that by a 51-45 majority, most Americans aren't in favor of removing the president from the office.

Gallup released the survey Wednesday morning and it shows that support for impeachment has dropped greatly since October. Since the impeachment hearings have started, the president's approval ratings have gone up as well.

These surveys show the deep divide between the two dominant but most polls also show that most independent voters are opposed of Trump's removal from the White House as well.

While all the surveys indicate a deep partisan divide between Democrats and Republicans over impeachment, most of the polls suggest that a majority of independent voters oppose booting Trump from the White House.

And the polls also spotlight a gender divide – with majorities of men opposing and women supporting – on impeaching and removing Trump from the White House.

The surveys also show an uptick in the president’s approval rating from October to December.

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