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There are a couple of horse stories this week! One is pretty sad, but the other one is actually kind of happy!

So first, KTLA reports that 2 horses have died at the Los Alamitos racetrack. Both were 4 years old gelding horses. One was named Mighty Elijah and the other was named Into a Hot Spot.

All of this comes during the criticism of Santa Anita racetrack for all of the horse deaths lately.

The next story is a bit happier though!

The Patch reports that animal control has been chasing a horse that had been loose around the Santa Ana River.

Well, earlier this week, the horse was captured.

A pen with a gate was made on the Toro Company's property and officers were able to corral it in there.

John Welsh, spokesman for the Riverside County Department of Animal Services had this to say:

"The horse had been wandering around a section of the Santa Ana River in the Riverside and Jurupa Valley areas."
"Animal Services received many calls about it."

Chris Mayer, Department of Animal Services Commander said:

"We appreciate the huge help from the folks at Toro."
"We have been getting a lot of calls about this horse. We're happy to be able to tell everyone we finally have the horse in our care."

The horse had been loose and evading officers for about 2 months before its capture.

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