First All-Electric Fire Engine Unveiled in Menlo Park

The world's first all-electric fire engine was unveiled this week in Menlo Park!

The Concept Fire Truck, or CFT, resembles a bus and includes a diesel engine as a backup system to ensure the truck doesn't run out of power on the job. And electric power means fewer moving parts, and less wear-and-tear.

"When I came into the fire service, I was told, 'The fire service is 200 years of tradition, only impeded by progress,'" Fire Chief Harold Schapelhouman told ABC7 News. "Well, we're throwing that out. That doesn't make sense. We're in Silicon Valley."

But... the CFT doesn't come cheap, with an estimated price tag of $1.2 million! The district will now vote on whether to shell out the money or not...

"It's the future," Menlo Park Fire District fleet mechanic Rudy Torres said. "And unless people embrace it, they're going to be left behind."

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