According To Mayor Rusty Bailey, 'Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership'

Were you listening to the show yesterday?! If so, you probably heard Rusty Bailey, the Mayor of Riverside, come on air to try and defend himself...

According to the residents of Riverside, he hasn't been pulling his weight when it comes to handling the homeless crisis. So after hearing from a few listeners who live there, we decided to give the Mayor himself a chance to give us some answers!

Well, if you didn't catch it yesterday, you can take a listen from the John and Ken podcast below...

But here's a spoiler alert!!! Mayor Rusty Bailey didn't give us any answers on why they can't get control of the vagrants in Riverside. Not a single one.

But then today, we came across this...

Mayor Garcetti himself, with Little Mayor Wanna-Be Garcetti!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?

Check out Mayor Rusy Bailey's full post HERE.

He is welcome back on the show anytime he has answers for us, and the people of Riverside!

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