Include Your Single Friends

There're lots of uncoupled people. In fact, more and more people are waiting later and later to double up and settle down. Why is it that couples tend to stick with couples and feel they need to leave the singles on the sidelines?

According to Dr. Bella DePaulo, Singlism is the stigmatizing of adults who are single. It includes negative stereotyping of singles and discrimination against singles.

Dr. Wendy addresses the pervasive snubbing of singles and the rise of matrimania, the the over-the-top hyping of marriage and coupling.

What do you think about marriage? Do you feel "less than" if you're not? Do you think that people look down on you, exclude you, or discount you if you're footloose and fancy free?

In previous years the government encouraged people to tie the knot by creating things like tax incentives. Turns out they thought if more people were wearing rings it would help keep single mothers from needing financial assistance. The idea took hold. Now, some people say they have feelings of worthlessness because they see others walking down the isle.

Well, folks, forget all that. Hogwash. Be joyfully single. It's time we open up our minds to all the wonderful ways people live.

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