A Shoot Out in Florida With A UPS Truck

Video: 10News WTSP

WATCH OUT! It was a wild ride in Florida for one UPS driver.

The UPS driver was minding their own business until they were kidnapped by at least two robbery suspects who led police on a two-county chase.

It all began with an armed robbery and shoot out at a jewelry shop in Coral Gables between the officers and the suspects. A jewelry store worker was reported injured but it was not reported if they were shot. The suspects were able to escape the first shootout but they brought someone else for the ride. The suspects abducted a UPS driver at gunpoint and fled in the driver's truck.

The truck made its way to Miramar, about 20 miles north of Coral Gables, with dozens of officers in pursuit. The chase ended when the truck was forced to stop at a busy intersection during rush hour. That is when gun fire took over the Florida afternoon sky.

The suspects and officers exchanged a flurry of bullets with multiple reported fatalities. No word yet on the identity of those killed in the exchange but it has been reported that no officers have been killed.

At least one person who was in the truck was taken from the scene in an ambulance but it is not clear if it was the UPS driver or one of the suspects. UPS has said it is trying to learn the status of their personnel.

There is not a confirmed number of fatalities but there were two bodies lying outside of the truck with one of them being taken away in an airlift.

The video of the entire chase can be seen below from NBC South Florida's Coverage.

Viewer discretion is advised.

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