Texts Go Viral After Dad Breaks Down Over Runaway Hamster

Dogs run away.

Fish die.

Hamsters escape. (At least this one did...)

It all started when Daniel Veerman took his daughter's hamster, Chester, out of his cage and put him into a clear ball so he could clean his little home.

Next thing Daniel knew, the ball was empty and Chester was nowhere to be found.

Now a lot of 53-year-old fathers might be happy to be rid of a pet that they never really wanted in his home.

Not this one, though. Not Daniel.

Daniel (who had secretly kinda fallen in love with Chester) immediately contacted his daughter, Steph, and their texts have gone viral.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending.

Chester has been reunited with Steph...

and he gets to live out the rest of his furry life with her and Daniel.

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