L.A. City Controller Releases Video in Effort to Increase Transparency

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin released a five-minute video today that he said gives “behind-the-scenes access” to the work of his auditing team.

The controller is tasked with evaluating city departments, programs and offices to see how well they are serving taxpayers, but Galperin said the public only sees the results of such audits after a report is released.

“One of my primary missions is increasing government transparency to give Angelenos a clearer picture of what their government is doing to improve their lives,” Galperin said. “This video offers a look into one of the most critical functions my office performs.”

The video, “Anatomy of an Audit,” shows how audits come about, how they are conducted and who performs the work, Galperin said.

The video shows the work of the controller's Audit Services Division, which has conducted more than 100 audits since 2013, the controller's office stated.

According to the controller's office, audits have included examination of the city's $1.2 billion Proposition HHH for homeless housing, the delivery of homeless services, the Department of Water and Power's wildfire prevention efforts, tree maintenance practices, overtime costs, the Los Angeles A. Zoo, environmental issues at oil wells and more.

The video can be viewed at www.lacontroller.org/media/anatomy-audit/.

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