Whose Side Are You On? John or Ken?

Something happened on the John and Ken show yesterday.

Typically we don't share the behind the scenes of the show, but this time John left Ken so perplexed that he had to share the story with everyone.

For years in the show's office, there's been a refrigerator filled with waters and coca-cola's.

Ken always has to be one to refill the fridge with cold drinks, but because of the break he wasn't able to.

During one of the show's break, John went the office, opened the fridge, saw no coke's and instead of refilling the fridge with the coke's on the shelf; John decided to walk down the hall and buy a coke from the company's kitchen.

Ken simply could not believe that John refused to restock the fridge with his cokes.

John said it wasn't that big of deal.

Who's side are you on?

Let us know in the comments on our Instagram page at @JohnAndKenShow.

Listen to Ken explain the story and John defend himself below:

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