We Say Goodbye to Kamala Harris

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What a wild ride the Kamala Harris campaign was. Or more appropriately a sad ride. Earlier today, Harris announced that she was dropping out of the 2020 presidential race.

Not surprising right? Harris was riding a wave of enthusiasm when she entered the race back in January and had a breakout moment in the first debate where she clashed with Joe Biden over his record of desegregation busing.

That's pretty much the highlight of the Kamala Harris campaign. It's all down hill from here.

She struggled to stand out in subsequent debates and she saw her poll numbers take a nose dive in the following months. So poll numbers are important because more numbers means more money for the campaign. Well it turns out Kamala was running out of money.

The Harris campaign was spending more money than what was coming in. That's one way to shut down your campaign. In her first three months, she raised an impressive $12 million and quickly locked down major endorsements that would show her dominance in her home state. Sadly that did not happen. Instead she struggled to raise more money because she couldn't attract any attention.

At least Kamala has her husband who sent out a tweet after the initial announcement.

That's really sweet huh?

Our Producer Nick bids farewell to Kamala Harris. Be warned, you will need tissues after crying.

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