New Breed of Apple Designed to Last for Over a Year

Apples are getting a major update and no I don't mean the company that makes iPhones!

The "Cosmic Crisp" apple is a new breed that's designed to last for more than a year before going bad.

The apple is a product of the fruit tree breeding program at Washington State University, where scientists crossed Honeycrisp and Enterprise apples to make a new fruit with a sweet taste and an extra-long shelf life.

According to the Cosmic Crisp website:

"After decades of cross-pollinating, tasting and testing, along with research and development with Washington State University’s world-class tree fruit breeding program, the Cosmic Crisp® apple was discovered. WSU researchers, including pome fruit breeder Kate Evans, have invented a new variety that will change the face of the industry and win enthusiasm among consumers with a combination of taste, texture and usability."

The Cosmic Crisp is set to begin appearing in grocery stores this week.

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