Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Scientists have discovered a giant black hole that is "too big to exist"

9 - An Arizona girl got stuck in her chimney after trying to sneak into her home late at night

8 - White House lockdown may have been caused by a "flock of birds" or a "weather balloon" after scanners pick something up

7 - Turkey stops police officer from giving speeding driver a ticket in Livermore, CA after it kept approaching the officer

6 - Amazon's Alexa will get a new skills upgrade that gives it more emotions

5 - Canadian town of Asbestos is going to change its name because of "negative perception"

4 - Monopoly's longest game ever is for sale exclusively on Amazon

3 - Baby Yoda is currently about twice as popular on social media presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg

2 - Disney let a dying Star Wars fan see an early cut of "Rise of Skywalker"

1 - Arizona teen spends third straight Thanksgiving with grandma that accidentally invited him years ago

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