Girl Gets Stuck In Chimney Trying To Sneak In Home After Staying Out Late


Photo: Getty Images

An Arizona teen's attempt at playing Santa didn't go well for her.

After staying out late with a friend Wednesday night, the 17-year-old girl tried to sneak back into her locked house by sliding down the chimney.

Unfortunately, the girl didn't realize the chimney was blocked at the bottom and got stuck. She was trapped for more than two hours until emergency workers were finally able to free her.

When the girl was finally freed, she was covered in soot but otherwise unharmed - her parents, however, were 'really mad', according to the friend.

Honestly, we admire the effort that the girl put in. We just have so many questions.

How was she able to call 9-1-1 and how did they get her out?

We also truly want to know her parents reactions when they found out what happened.

You gotta admire the girl's effort.

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