Over One-Quarter Of Americans Considering A Meat-Free Thanksgiving

There could be far fewer turkeys on the table tomorrow, as a new survey reveals that over one-quarter of Americans are considering a meat-free Thanksgiving...

According to results shared by vegan brand The Meatless Farm, 28.6 percent of those polled said they might just skip the bird this year, with that figure increasing to nearly half of respondents aged 18-24 and 25-34!

Those who would break with tradition cite personal health as a contributing factor.

"Being mindful of how we live and eat has become a priority in today's world and the numbers reveal a huge shift towards plant-based eating in the US," notes The Meatless Farm's North American general manager, Kasper Vesth.

We all know Mark Thompson will be reaching for the Tofurkey... Conway, not so much...

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