Grandma Who Texted Wrong Teen Now Prepping For 4th Thanksgiving With Him

This has to be the longest running, most heart-warming story of the last four Thanksgivings!

Remember the woman who accidentally sent a Thanksgiving text to the wrong person?! Here, let me refresh your memory...

62-year-old Wanda Dench meant to send it to her grandson to invite him over for Thanksgiving dinner... But instead it went to a teen she didn't know! Once they realized the mix-up, the boy asked if he could still come over for dinner... And just like that, a new tradition was started.

One year, he even took his girlfriend over to meet his new "Grandma."

This year for the 4th Thanksgiving, dinner is moving to his girlfriend's Aunt's house. Of course his "grandma" is also going to dinner!

"Family is more than blood," 'Grandma' Dench said. "It's the people you want to be with."

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