Agency: Avoid Dumping Turkey Dinner Grease, Fats Down Sink

PERRIS (CNS) - Emptying cooking grease and other oils down kitchen sinks can be tough on household plumbing and even damage sewer lines, according to the Perris-based Eastern Municipal Water District, which urged customers today to find alternate ways of getting rid of Thanksgiving dinner leftovers.

``EMWD appreciates our customers' commitment toward being `sewer smart' and not placing fats, oils and grease down the drain,'' EMWD President Ron Sullivan said. ``If we each do our part to properly dispose these items, we are able to work together to protect our system and avoid the costs of repairs to the collection system.''

Cooking dish and dinner plate slop can permanently damage dishwashers and sinks, causing sewage lines to rupture, leading to spills in the street that are expensive to repair, according to the EMWD.

The agency recommended that fats, oils and grease be poured into metal containers or cans and tossed into trash bins. Customers are additionally urged to clear the damaging substances from pots, pans and dishes before washing them in the sink, and to deposit food scraps in trash receptacles -- not shove them down the sink.

The EMWD also asked customers not to put egg shells, coffee grounds and non-organic materials into drains in order to prevent damage.

More information on proper disposal is available at

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