#MugshotOftheDay: This is Why You Don't Break Into Homes

Credit: Miami Dade Corrections

It was a typical Saturday night for Miami resident Barry Sands. He arrived home and decided to go to sleep. At around 10 p.m., Sands was woken up by a loud sound at his front door.

He described the sound as “a hysterical female banging on the front door of the residence, asking for help.”

As many of us would do, Sands went to investigate the sound. However, there wasn't a woman at his door. Instead there was a man waiting for Sands to open the door.

The intruder forced his way inside and attacked Sands with his fists. Too bad he picked the wrong home to invade. So what did Sands do to protect himself and his home? Judging by the mugshot, Sands took matters into his own hands, literally.

Sands pummeled the home invader so badly that his face swelled up . He's lucky that Sands decided to stop punching him and call 911 because his face looks like it's going to explode.

Did Barry Sands get injured during the scuffle? Sands reported that he received a cut over his lip and toe. So basically Sands walked away the victor in this battle. As for the intruder, he was transferred to medical facilities in Florida for treatment.

Police identified the intruder as 35-year-old Mark Katsnelson. He was charged with burglary with assault or battery, according to police, adding that he was held without bond.

So the moral of the story is don't invade someone's home or you'll end up with new facial features.

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