Video: The Moment a Colorblind 12-Year-Old Sees Color for the First Time

A severely colorblind boy teared up after being given the chance to see the world in color for the first time.

Twelve-year-old Jonathan Jones was allowed to borrow a set of special glasses from his principal, Scott Hanson, who is also colorblind.

These glasses allow the user to see colors and when Jonathan put them on he burst into tears and was immediately comforted by Hanson.

“I’m so happy for you … that is so awesome. I told you it’s going to be a little emotional...Hey Jon if you can laugh and cry in the same day … that is the greatest day ever. Why don’t you keep those for a little while. You can take them home with you today and just wear them around, and I want you to experience as much as you can and maybe your parents will buy you a pair.”

Jonathan's brother, Ben posted the video to Twitter along with a link to a GoFundMe to raise money for a pair of glasses of his own.

The page has raised more than enough for a pair and the family has pledged to donate the rest of the funds to “a foundation who purchases colorblind glasses for those who can’t afford them.”

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