Killer & Confirmed Gang Member Deported Back To Mexico... AGAIN

Remember Angel Mom Agnus Gibboney? We spoke to her on the show last week about her son who was murdered by an illegal immigrant back in 2002...

The murderer (and confirmed gang member), Luis Gonzalez-Valencia, was set to be released from prison once again on November 23. Thankfully, ICE officials were standing by for his release and were ready to deport him, again!

"We are grateful for the cooperation of the California State Department of Corrections honoring the lodged detainer for this violent felon; however, ICE continues to be challenged by California's protection of the criminal alien populations within their correctional system. These challenges are further enhanced when California's legislative body devalues criminal convictions specifically inhibiting federal immigration entities from using those convictions for removal or federal prosecution," said Jamison Matuszewski, ICE deputy field office director in San Diego.

The 44-year-old Mexican national was released from the Calipatria State Prison on Friday morning, after serving 11 years for another manslaughter in 2003. He was immediately arrested by ICE officers and removed to Mexico.

"Men and women of ICE God bless them. They are working hard to protect our borders and safety of our nation,” Gibboney said at a press conference last week. “Politicians today are going against the Constitution, the federal government and their oath of office. If Gavin Newsom’s job is to endanger and weaken California, he is doing a damn good job at it. He cares only for emotional well being of illegals.“

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