SHLS - Police Are Asking for Help in Finding a Missing 62-Year-Old Man

Police ask for help in finding Douglas James, a 62-year-old man with dementia.

The family of James claims that on November 5, Douglas was being driven by his brother, Donald. Donald was arrested for driving under the influence. Donald told CHP officers that his brother had dementia and needed to be taken home.

CHP officers said they would do that but left the man at a gas station.

The CHP released a statement saying:

"The CHP has become aware of recent statements that Douglas James suffers from dementia. It is our understanding Douglas James communicated with officers freely and logically and exhibited no indication he was unable to care for himself. However, in light of these recent statements we are reviewing the actions of the officers involved in this incident. Additionally, the CHP is continuing to assist in any way we can to help locate Douglas James."

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