Get Along with Your Family This Thanksgiving

We love the holidays, until we don't. The idea of them might be warm and fuzzy at first, but then you think of all the differences of opinions, who owes you money or what someone posted on his or her Instagram that made your blood run cold. Then you add the fact that it's election season and you all don't agree on just about anything. Dr. Wendy knows these are triggering times! We get around our families and we ALL turn in to our 13-year-old brace-face selves. Oy.

What are you supposed to do? There's lots TO do and NOT to do. For instance, DO book a room at a hotel. And do NOT fall for the bait. Listen to Dr. Wendy's segment for tips and ideas to navigate the testy family time. Not everyone had a glowing childhood. Maybe, for you, you feel you have to put with Aunt Ramona crazy politics in order to enjoy Uncle Arnie's fabulous stories. But Aunt Ramona!!!

It's worth it. Take a deep breath, get your head straight before you walk through that door, and pull out that smile.

And if you just CAN'T DO IT and want to delight in lighting that metaphorical molotov, click HERE for tips on how to crank UP the tension. Dr. Wendy does not suggest this. Read at your own risk, but mainly for a good laugh.

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