Suspect Arrested for Alleged School Threat; Gun, Ammo, Hit List Seized

A 13-year-old student was arrested after allegedly making several online threats about targeting students and staff at a South L.A. middle school. The school in question has not been named by sheriff's officials.

An AR-15 rifle, ammunition and a list of intended targets were seized as part of the investigation into the school shooting threat, NBC LA reported. Deputies also discovered a drawing of the high school's layout, ammunition and body armor. The weapon did have a serial number, however, officials said it was unregistered and they were trying to determine where the suspect got the gun.

The investigation began after deputies responded to reports that the student was making threats to shoot staff members at the school as well as other students. The rifle had been constructed from a kit and assembled from parts, commonly known as a 'ghost gun.'

“Our Task Force arrested a (suspect) for dealing/possession of illegal firearms,” Undersheriff Tim Murakami said. “(Suspect) purchased parts on internet. Had a ghost rifle- fully auto, silencers, body armor and large quantity of ammunition. Great investigation.”

News of the arrest came eight days after a 16-year-old student took a gun to Saugus High School and shot five other students, two fatally, before shooting himself in the head. That student died at a hospital the next day.

There have a been a rash of threats targeting various campuses in the past week. Covina police beefed up staffing Friday at Charter Oak High School in response to a possible threat targeting the school. Sheriff's deputies in Palmdale, meanwhile, said they arrested a student late Thursday for allegedly posting online threats targeting Pete Knight High School.

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