Florida Dog Drives Car In Circles Around Neighborhood For An Hour

Residents of a neighborhood in Port St. Lucie, Florida, were concerned when they saw a car driving in circles around their cul-de-sac. When they went outside, they noticed that there was nobody behind the wheel. Instead, the only occupant of the car was a dog.

Police say that the owner of the car left it running with his dog still inside when he stepped out. Somehow, the dog managed to knock the vehicle into reverse and it backed out of his driveway and into the street.

The car struck a mailbox and ran over a trash can, leaving debris strewn across the road.

After about an hour, a police officer managed to open the door and bring the car to a stop.

"And when the cops got the door open, a black dog jumped out I was like they should give that thing a license," neighbor Anne Sabol told WPBF-TV.

The dog, who appeared happy in the out-of-control car, was not hurt. The owner of the vehicle, who asked not to be identified, promised to buy his neighbor a new mailbox.

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