Dozens of Food Trucks Gather to Serve the Homeless in Long Beach

Citizens in Long Beach are giving back for this Thanksgiving! Food trucks have donated around 2,000 holiday meals for the very first Trucks-Giving event. The trucks have donated enough food to feed more than one thousand homeless people.

Homeless people in Long Beach have enjoyed everything from Peruvian, bbq, tacos, falafel and more at the event. Chef Karla Flores says she was surprised when 14-food trucks each agreed to donate 200 meals.

"It just touched my heart," Flores said. "My mother always taught me growing up that charity begins at home. You have to give back. If you don't give back then making money makes absolutely no sense."

Long Beach provided a DJ as well has hygiene kits, clothing and any services people may need. Some of the around two thousand meals were sold with proceeds going towards the city’s homeless fund.

"This has been a project of ours since we opened our food truck three years ago."

Check out video of the event below!

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