Armed Man Robs Two Stores Within 45 Minutes

The LA County Sheriff’s Department has released surveillance video of a guy with a gun who robbed two stores in 45 minutes. Detective Gamielle Marshall says the guy didn’t even bother wearing a mask during the robberies in Norwalk and Bellflower. According to the detective, the man had to know the stores may have video but he was not concerned with hiding his identity.

The video shows the man point a gun at the clerk in Bellflower and demand cash then 45 minutes later you can see the man at a store in Norwalk repeating the process.

"He was very calm which tells me it's not his first time doing this."

Marshall says that safety is a big concern right now with shoppers heading out for the holidays.

"Someone who is that comfortable acting in such an aggressive and violent manner. This confidence will continue to grow and he may end up hurting someone in the future."

"We're coming up on the holiday season and if this guy is brave enough to point a firearm at the victim while patrons are coming in and out of the store. What would he not do if it were you or a family member?"

Marshall says the guy was so calm during the robberies last month that it appears he’s done it before. He says anyone with information please call the sheriff’s department.

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