#TastyTuesday: Turkey Talk & Tip Lines

The countdown to Thanksgiving is on!

You've read the articles.

You've listened to the podcasts.

You even humbled yourself and asked your mother-in-law what her secret is to delicious dinners.

But you're still not confident in your ability to whip up the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

Don't worry, you're not alone!

Companies all over the country are right there with you and are offering talk and tip lines to help walk you through the whole ordeal of putting together the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Butterball Alexa Skill and Turkey Talk-Line
    • The Turkey Talk-Line - 800-288-8372 or 844-877-3456 for texts
    • To access the Butterball Alexa Skill, just say “Alexa, open Butterball…” or “Alexa, ask Butterball…” 
  • Foster Farms Helpline
    • 1-800-255-7227
    • 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on weekdays,now through Dec. 4
  • Fleischmann's Yeast Baker's Hotline
    • 800-777-4959
    • 7 a.m.-2 p.m. weekdays, except holidays.
  • King Arthur Baker’s Hotline
    • 855-371-2253
    • 4 a.m.-6 p.m. daily through Dec. 31 (closed Nov. 28 and Dec. 25)

Now, those may all be helpful, but we just recommend that you listen to the special edition of The Fork Report with @ForkReporter on KFI AM640 from 6-10 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day!

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