Saugus High School Students Return to Campus to Pick Up Belongings

Saugus High School students have returned to campus for the first time since the shooting that claimed three lives and left three others injured.

Last Thursday, a 16-year old student pulled out a gun out of his backpack and opened fire on classmates before turning the gun on himself. He died the next day from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Three students were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. A 14-year-old boy was released on Thursday and a 14-year-old girl was released Friday. The last hospitalized victim, 15-year-old girl, was released Monday night.

Students were given a two-hour block to get any belongings that were left during the shooting. As students and parents arrived to campus, many have placed flowers and other memorial items outside the school. Students have said it's good to reconnect with their classmates amid the trauma.

The school teachers and administrators have organized events and activities that will help students heal from the trauma including counseling. Students do not have to participate in the activities and counseling but they are encouraged to attend with their family members.

Classes will not resume until Dec. 2 but campus will remain open for the events.

Check out how to support Saugus High School students and families below.

Andrew Mollenbeck was at Saugus High School and asked students about returning to campus for the first time since the shooting.

He joins Gary and Shannon to discuss his experience.

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