Golfer Signs Ball For Down Syndrome Fan Who Caused Him To Miss Putt

Brandon Matthews made headlines in college when he went on a 11-tournament top-10 streak while he golfed in college for Temple University. However, since he went professional in 2016, he only won once.

Matthews is making headlines again after his appearance at the Argentine Open on the PGA Tour Latino America tour.

However, it's not for his playing skills. It's for the level of compassion that he showed to a certain fan.

Matthews was so close to his second career win, when things took things a bad turn.

He was about to putt the ball as he stood over an 8-footer birder, and he missed the putt.

This missed putting was season-altering and led to him being in a tie.

How did this happen?

Someone yelled at Matthews and it caused him to mess up. However, the voice of this yell can from a middle-aged man with Down Syndrome.

Matthews was frustrated about his missed putt but when he found out the details, he returned to the course to meet with the man.

Matthews immediately returned to the course to meet with the man, sign a glove and assure him that he was not upset and to give him a signed glove.

"I wanted to make sure he didn't feel badly about the situation,"Matthews told Golf Digest. "I grew up around people with special needs because of what my mom did when I was kid and have a soft spot in my heart (for people with special needs)."

Matthews is still finding his way in professional golf, but the important stuff? That seems to come naturally.

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