Prince Andrew Finally Talks About His Friendship With Jeffery Epstein

Last week, the Duke of York finally went public and spoke with Newsnight reporter Emily Maitlis about his history with Jeffrey Epstein, as well as the allegations against him.

It's pretty interesting to watch, to say the least...

Not only did Prince Andrew deny having sex with Virginia Guiffre, but he also said that he did not regret his close friendship with Epstein... Because of the "opportunities I was given to learn" from him.

The Duke Of York, The UK's Special Representative For International Trade and Investment Visits Crossrail

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"I think he's made things worse for himself in this interview," Laywer Lisa Bloom, who represents five Epstein accusers, said after viewing. "And I think it's more likely the authorities are going to want to speak to him now - and they should want to."

Watch the full interview below:

Prince Andrew added he will only testify under oath about his relationship with Giuffre "if push came to shove"...

Check out all of the details on BBC News.

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