Fan Favorite Drive-By-Dream-Analysis is Back!

Fan favorite Drive-By-Dream Analysis makes its return. So many callers, in fact, it turned in to three segments! Callers brought everything to Dr. Wendy from cats to God. There was also a go kart thrown in, too. What do they all mean, though? Listen to find out.

Wendy also talked in this show about new research on sleep. One study says dreams can be like overnight cognitive therapy. It says that your brain is working out experiences in real life to help you process them. Then there's the idea that dreams sort through and consolidate memories or make sense of random neuron activity.

Another study suggests dreams are what the brain does to practice for when a situation happens for real. That way when something similar happens in the waking hours, you as a conscious person, will feel like you've already been through it and therefore handle it better. They could be like a rehearsal. Of course there's much more to it. You'll have to listen to the podcast of her show to hear Dr. Wendy's segment on why we dream.

To listen to the full show, click HERE!

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