Well, Hello Narwhal!

Don't worry, it doesn't hurt...and before you ask, it doesn't wag either.

Meet Narwhal, a little puppy in Jackson, Missouri, that has caught the attention of everyone this week because of the fact that there's a little tail growing out of his forehead!

Yes...a TAIL!

Some have said that it looks like he was 'put together wrong,' but despite his odd (but still cute) look, he's a normal frisky 10-week-old pup.

A rescue organization called Mac's Mission took in Narwhal last weekend after someone told them about puppies they saw on the street. When they went out to look, they found him with some other pups, who scattered (the rescue is still looking for them) so they were only able to grab him.

Noticing the tail between his eyes, someone decided to name him Narwhal, in homage to the whale with the single large tusk in the middle of its forehead. They dubbed Narwhal the 'unicorn puppy' and posted about him on social media, and from there, he quickly went viral, because...I mean...LOOK AT HIM! HE'S SO CUTE!

Vets took a look at the pup, and other than treating him for frostbite on two of his toes and medication for worms, he's perfectly healthy. And, while they've never seen anything like it, they say his 'unicorn' doesn't seem to cause him any issues. But to everyone's disappointment, it doesn't have any bones, so it can't wag.

They believe he's a dachshund mix because of his short legs, but his tan coloring and soft fluffy fur could mean he's also part golden retriever.

As you can imagine, there's a LOT of interest in adopting him, the only sad thing is that only one lucky family will get him. But because of the attention he's received, Mac's Mission has gotten a lot of attention for the other pups that they've helped save, so they're hoping those who can't adopt Narwhal might be willing to give another lucky pup a home.

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