Man Arrested After Standoff Atop Pico Rivera Restaurant

Police car on the street

PICO RIVERA (CNS) - Sheriff's deputies used “less than lethal resources” on Wednesday to subdue a man who vandalized a Pico Rivera laundry and threw tar from the roof of a restaurant during a 2 1/2-hour standoff.

Deputies received a report at 2:50 p.m. of vandalism at a laundry in the 9000 block of Washington Boulevard, Deputy Michelle Sanchez of the Sheriff's Information Bureau said.

The man was gone when deputies arrived, but then they learned the 34-year-old man was on the roof of the nearby Sizzler restaurant in the 6700 block of Rosemead Boulevard, Sanchez said.

While deputies tried to talk the man down he grabbed a one-gallon bucket of roof tar and threw it down at them, she said.

During the time the sheriff's mental evaluation team worked to talk the man down from the roof he grabbed a metal bar, Sanchez said.

The man agreed to come down about 5:30 p.m. and a ladder was moved to the building to help him, she said.

While climbing down, the man jumped to the ground and appeared to charge at deputies, Sanchez said. That is when “less than lethal resources” were used to subdue him, she said. She said she did not know what was used.

The man was taken to a hospital for medical evaluation before he was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer and vandalism, Sanchez said.

No deputies were injured, she said.

Photo: Getty Images

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