Shipping Containers are the New Home For the Homeless

Los Angeles has found a solution to tackle a slice of the homeless issue in Los Angeles. More than 50 specially designed containers will be furnished and stacked in a little development next to the 110 and the 105 freeways. Mayor Eric Garcetti says that this form of permanent housing is faster to build.

"Let's figure out the models that work because we want to be able to take any piece of property anywhere in any amount of time with whatever funding we have and get something built."

Garcetti adds that 21 projects are now in the works because of voter approved measure HHH. The measure is a $1.2 billion bond to be allocated to the construction of 8,000-10,000 units of clean and safe affordable housing for the homeless, according to LA Chamber of Commerce.

"Nothing stops homelessness like actually getting to the root of the problem. Get people indoors first, but if you don't want them to go back outdoors, you have to treat them."

Garcetti goes on to say that the motivation for assisting the homeless is not tied to office accomplishments, but rather a need to assist fellow persons in need.

"This is not about a project. This is not about funds. This is about human beings. This is about flesh and blood," he says.

"A problem caused by the inaction of human beings can be solved by the actions of human beings here today."

The units will cost about $600,000 each, more than the median price of a condo in Los Angeles. The total cost of the units will be about 35 million dollars each. The one-bedroom units are expected to open next year.

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