#TechTalk: Travel Tech Tips

Modern travel basically requires technology.

Whether you're talking about sharing your experiences on social media, looking up information on websites, or a variety of other things, technology is almost always integrated in your travel plans.

But just because it is seemingly impossible to pull off a trip without using technology in some way, it doesn't mean you have to be stupid about it.

There's some very simple steps you can take to help protect yourself, your family, and your tech from people that only want to cause you harm and trouble.

  1. Lock It Down - Set a PIN code, password, or biometrics login on your cell/laptop/smart devices. There's no reason to leave the front door wide open.
  2. Back It Up - Back-up all of the important files and info you keep on your cell or other devices. Losing things always causes problems, but losing them overseas is a whole other level bad.
  3. Don't Post - Posting pictures on the road tells people you're not at home. Empty House = Burglar's Best Friend
  4. Watch Out For Wi-Fi - Just because it needs a password, it doesn't mean it's safe. Hackers love public Wi-Fi. A VPN helps a lot, but it still isn't perfect.
  5. Stay Personal - Don't use public computers and printers at hotels, airports, or anywhere else. It's easy for hackers to install software that logs private info.

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