UCLA Professor Brings The Love To Students With Stuffed Animals

Remember your favorite teacher or college professor?

Did they ever tell you they loved you or give you anything just for coming to class?

Well, meet Quyen Di Chuc Bui, a Vietnamese refugee who fled Vietnam with his family in 1977. In 2003, he became a professor at UCLA, teaching Vietnamese classes, and has been teaching there rather quietly for the last 16 years.

But last week, he suddenly went viral, when a student posted a video to Twitter of Chuc Bui handing out stuffed animals to students in his introductory Vietnamese class. The video got more than 7 MILLION views and more than 700,000 likes. (It's really an adorable video, you can see it below.)

But that's not all he does. He brings students in all his classes food (spring rolls and apples) to enjoy during class, and when he sends emails to his students or responds to one sent to him, he tells his students he loves them EVERY time.

The Daily Bruin asked students what they thought about Chuc Bui's teaching style. They said that on such a large campus, they're used to professors being impersonal, and not really engaging with them much, so they really appreciate Chuc Bui's approach:

"It shows his appreciation and dedication to his students. It demonstrates that he actually cares, because the students are always struggling in the class and it's an act of kindness that means a lot to us."

"The whole gesture is really sweet. I don't think any other professor would hand stuffed animals out for fun."

"It makes me feel like I'm not just another student and like he's really dedicated to our learning and well-being."

So why does Chuc Bui do this? He told The Daily Bruin that it's simple. When students know their professor cares, they're happy, and when they're happy, they're motivated to learn. So each week, he and his wife go out to purchase stuffed bears, squirrels, rabbits and more, to pass out in class. Chuc Bui says:

"Students are so excited because I don't think every professor is like me. They are surprised. 'Why is my professor bringing stuffed animals to class?' I would like to give my students love before I teach them something. I think the way to the heart is shorter than the way to the mind. So I get my students' heart first, then I get their mind."

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