So, A Horse Walks Onto A Train...

There's no Photoshop going on here.

That is one hundred percent, totally, absolutely real.

That is a miniature horse on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, this little hooved hunk got to ride the rails yesterday because he is a certified service animal.

If you were wondering if people were upset about riding with a four-legged friend, it turns out they aren't.

Like not even a little bit.

"Love that Bart supports people living with disabilities in the Bay. Hats off to Bart for once!"

Let's pause there for one second...

Can we talk about the "for once" part of that? You know, the part that infers that BART is riddled with negatives and problems??

The part that reminds every person that's ever ridden the transit system of the waste and smells that plagues every car???

Don't get me wrong, (despite my childhood fear of horses) I have zero issues with this galloping good boy, I'm just not totally sure he belongs riding the BART.

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