Let's make Thanksgiving Prep Go Smooth As Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving is coming fast, and cooking a huge meal is a big pain in the neck.

If only there are tasks that you can do right now so you are ready to make a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

Looks like Neil Saavedra has got you covered!

The Fork Reporter has something that can help you make the prepping process go as smooth as pumpkin pie. Here are 5 tasks that you can do to make cooking a whole lot easier for your Thanksgiving prep.

A person peering into their oven at home

Task number 1 is very easy.

Have you ever realized that your oven smells when you first turn it on? It's probably burnt cheese that fell of your frozen pizza. Most ovens have a solution for that.

It is the self-clean cycle. What happens is the oven gets so hot that it incinerates all the left-over dinner crumbs that have lived in your oven for years. It takes a few hours for the process to be done. It's a good idea to stay home during this process since the oven is a self-contained inferno. So crack open a cold one and relax while the oven cleans itself.

High Angle View Of Knives On Table

Task number 2 is get your knives sharpen.

Dull knives are awful. You don't want to have dull knives while your rushing to get Thanksgiving prep. You will cut yourself and that's no fun for anyone. Luckily you can take your knives to a local shop and get them sharpen. There are some supermarkets and knives shops that offer this service.

The Industrial Thermometer Dial Gauge

Task number 3 is to test your oven temperature.

All you need for this is an oven thermometer. Turn on your oven to the desired temperature and wait for the ding. Once your oven says it's ready, place the thermometer in and see if the temperatures match up. If they don't, then it is time to bust out the manual and re-calibrate the oven. It's okay if you don't have a manual, you can just keep adjusting the temperature until you are at the right degree.

Dirty Dishes

Task number 4 is very easy and very quick. Wipe down your dishes.

You probably have your meat carving tools from last Thanksgiving stashed away. Instead of waiting until the last minute, go grab them now and give them a good wipe down. You'll be glad to wipe away the year old dust before carving your turkey.

Full Refrigerator

Task number 5 is probably the most important. Empty out your full refrigerator.

It's time to take out the month long take-out food and replace with delicious Thanksgiving food. You'll save yourself the headaches and stress of fitting all of your Thanksgiving prep into a cramp fridge if you clean it a few days beforehand.

Neil Saavedra describes why it's important to do these tasks early! Listen to what The Fork Reporter has to say!

If you want to read the full article, you can click here.

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