California is Cracking Down on Illegal Marijuana Planting

Marijuana farm

A cannabis regulation campaign has pulled up nearly a million marijuana plants from illegal grow sites in California in 2019.

Attorney General Xavier Becerra says people are growing cannabis illegally because there's a market for it. The campaign against marijuana planting (CAMP) has led to nearly 150 arrest in 2019 and has eradicated nearly 1 million marijuana plants totaling more than 25 tons of processed marijuana.

"We're united in this fight because illegal planting on public lands hurts everyone," Becerra said.

"Unless we do the enforcement that's required to ensure that people are going about cannabis operations in a legitimate way, you're only incentivizing folks to do it the wrong way."

The campaign against marijuana planting also led to the bust of nearly 350 grow sites and 150 arrests as apart of CAMP. Becerra says there were more busts this year than in 2018.

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