Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Woman wanted for climbing into Bronx Zoo lion exhibit and proclaiming "I am the lion now"

9 - Russian man faces 5 years in jail after attacking police officer with a cat

8 - Louisiana woman arrested for selling $20 fake doctor's notes to students trying to skip class

7 - Missouri man breaks into coin machine at laundromat while wearing t-shirt that makes a joke about crime

6 - Indiana woman found dead with 8 foot python wrapped around her neck in house that contained 140 snakes

5 - French sculptor "humiliated" after UN cultural agency put underwear on his nude sculptures

4 - Florida woman that didn't know she was pregnant delivered healthy baby girl after weight loss surgery

3 - UK woman finds tooth in her Chinese food, but the restaurant claims it's just "from the onion"

2 - 48-year-old Australian man finds bag of weed in his nose 18 years after he smuggled it into jail

1 - Man born with 9 toes on left foot gets surgery, and now he hopes to find a girlfriend

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