Red Balloons in Clovis Storm Drains? No Thank You.

Why are red balloons scary?

Simple. Pennywise is never far from them.

People have found red balloons attached to storm drains throughout Clovis, California. Clearly someone is getting into the Halloween spirits by spooking trick or treaters and their parents.

The red balloons were made famous by the terrifying Stephen King movies and novel "It." The story revolves around the evil clown Pennywise who terrorizes and lures children with his ultimate weapon, red balloons.

Although this is all in good fun, the red balloon still sends shivers down our spine because of what we associate it with. Especially with the recent "It" franchise being considered some of the best horror films today.

Don't be alarmed though! Pennywise isn't really going to snatch you as you walk by a storm drain......... Still, maybe walk on the other side of the street just to be safe.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

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