Trick or Treat? Heroin Found in New Jersey Child's Candy Bag

Handel always loves to bring up how when he was a kid, it was a fear that people would stick razor blades in apples and give them to kids trick or treating...

Granted that is totally an urban legend.....this one however is unfortunately real.

New Jersey police say a child attending a trick or treat event came home with heroin in his bag of candy.

The incident allegedly happened at a "Trunk or Treat" event and the drugs were found after when the child's mother inspected the haul and discovered a small plastic baggie with a piece of paper taped to it.

Realizing it was something likely to be illegal, she handed it over to the police and test results determined the substance in the baggie was heroin.

A representative for the department calls the discovery an isolated incident, but says this should serve as a reminder that parents need to inspect their children's candy before letting them eat it.

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