The Internet Turns 50-Years-Old Today!


Believe it or not the very thing you are on.. the internet.. was created only 50 years ago.

Can you believe a life without the internet?

The internet has shaped our society and has brought us so many opportunities.

Fifty years ago, two letters were transmitted online, forever altering the way that knowledge, information and communication would be exchanged.

On Oct. 29, 1969, Leonard Kleinrock, a professor of computer science at UCLA, and his graduate student Charley Kline wanted to send a transmission from UCLA's computer to another computer at Stanford Research Institute through ARPANET, the precursor to what we now know as the internet. 

Their invention later led to the World Wide Web, what we know today, back in 1989.

But if it wasn't for Leonard Kleinrock and Charley Kline, who know's what our world would be.

Would it be better or worse?

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