California Continues To Shut Out The Power Throughout The State


Photo: Getty Images

California is known for wildfires.

Last year, PG&E, an electric company caused one of California's most destructive fires; the Camp Fire up in Northern California.

This year to avoid the risk of wildfires, California has decided to turn off the power in areas with high risks of wildfires.

Now, we're not sure if you've turned on the news. But there's multiple wildfires occurring in California right now.

However multiple residents throughout the state are stranded without power.

It's like the state is unable to be a part of modern civilization.

This is the same California that has committed to renewable energy by 2050.

How can this state run fully on renewable energy if they can't even keep their power on in 2019?

This state is a mess.

The people in charge need to be removed from office.

This is why so many people are leaving this state and all the crazies are taking over.

We miss what California USED to be.

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