Firefighters Trying to Remain Energized as Wildfires Burn

Fast Moving Getty Fire Threatens Homes And Forces Evacuations In Affluent Section Of Los Angeles

Hundreds of firefighters have been going non-stop for the last several weeks, which is why refueling and resting is so important for these guys.

Crews are now set up at UCLA's Jackie Robinson stadium.

"It has everything that we need when it comes to hot meals and sleeping. Trailers come in so that crews can get good rest because as you can see, it's very arduous work when you're out there on the fire line."

Los Angeles fire captain, Branden Silverman, says however, that help is on the way.

"As soon as we get fresh crews, they come in from all over the state and even out of state to relieve those firefighters on the front lines. We give those firefighters an opportunity to rest and then they go right back on the lines and do their jobs, so we're very appreciative of those firefighters."

Santa Ana winds could pick up as early as tomorrow, so crews are trying to put out as many hotspots as possible to prevent any flare ups.

"We always add additional resources because we know that this is going to be a long term operation," Silverman added.

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