SHLS - Katie Hill Announces Her Resignation

If you haven't kept up with the Katie Hill scandal, KFI has been covering it here, here, and here.

But let's still give a quick recap!

Katie Hill is a freshman congresswoman who has been been in the middle of a sexual misconduct scandal including having an affair with a staff member, posting nude photos of herself on some "wife sharing" sites, and having photos taken of her nude with a bong and revealing what appears to be an Iron Cross around her bikini line.

Well, she is now resigning.

On Sunday, she announced the resignation in this tweet:

In the actual letter within the tweet she says:

"This is what needs to happen so that the good people who supported me will no longer be subjected to the pain inflicted by my abusive husband and the brutality of hateful political operatives who seem to happily provide a platform to a monster who is driving a smear campaign built around cyber exploitation".

In reference to the affair she had with a staffer, she commented in the letter saying:

"I know that even a consensual relationship with a subordinate is inappropriate, but I still allowed it to happen despite my better judgment."

The Los Angeles Times reports that Pelosi made these remarks about Hill's resignation:

"Congresswoman Katie Hill came to Congress with a powerful commitment to her community and a bright vision for the future, and has made a great contribution as a leader of the Freshman Class."
"She has acknowledged errors in judgment that made her continued service as a Member untenable. We must ensure a climate of integrity and dignity in the Congress, and in all workplaces."

John Thomas from "The Thomas Guide" podcast came on to Super Hyper Local Sunday to talk about the resignation with Bryan Suits. Check it out below!

To read more about the story, check it out here.

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