Woman Wears Hidden Camera In Bra To Show How Often People Look At Her Chest

There are many ways to raise awareness about breast cancer but none are as unique as the one Whitney Zelig has done. The 29-year-old put on a low-cut shirt and wore a hidden camera as she walked through New York City to show how many passersby ogled her. Her brother Chris, who helped with the filming, shared a video of the footage they captured and in it, men, women and even Sesame Street characters can be seen glancing at Whitney's chest.

While it seems like a fun way to call out skeevy people, they did the video for a totally different reason that becomes clear at the end, when it reads, "Ladies, don't forget to check your own breasts, too."

Whitney and Chris's mom is a survivor of breast cancer, which affects one in eight women in America. Whitney told the Mirror, "If one woman is inspired to check herself or get a mammogram from this video I will be happy. I'm doing it for a bigger cause. This is bigger than the video or me, this is about our moms, grandmothers, children, sisters and friends."

As for all the looks she got, she didn't even realize they were happening at the time. Whitney stated:

"I didn't notice until we went back and looked at the video, I was just looking straight ahead. I was really surprised. I didn't expect the women to look too, but to be fair everyone loves boobs. I would look too. I'm happy I did it because of the positive feedback. It was kind of funny, I don't notice it at any other time."

Previously, Chris made a similar video to raise awareness for prostate cancer screening.

Check out his other videos here.

Photo: YouTube/ChrisZelig

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