Here's What You Need In Your Halloween Safety Kit

Halloween Safety Kit

For some, Halloween is considered the best holiday of the year, even if you don’t get a day off work and might be out late on a weekday/school night. October 31st is a lot closer than you think and it's a good time to think about what you're going to dress up as and what the kids are going to be and as well as make sure you've got enough candy and decorations ready to go. In fact, pretty much all of October is spent getting ready for Halloween.

For a kid what makes Halloween so much fun is going out Trick-Or-Treating and getting all that free CANDY!! Aside from ghost, zombies, and vampires, we have to remember all the real dangers we may encounter on the road. A lot of the time is spent on getting our costumes ready and giving the front of the house a spooky makeover that we almost forget to prepare for a safe Halloween.

To make sure that everyone makes it back home safely remember to create a Trick-or-Treat safety kit and go over how to cross roads safely. Below are some basic items that you should have for your outing.

Reflector Tape

Since you will most likely be walking in neighborhoods that are not well lit, you want to make sure that you are easily visible when crossing streets so using a strip of reflector tape on shoes or on candy bags can help make you more visible.

Glow sticks/Bracelets

You spent a lot of time and money on an intricate costume and you hate to mess it up with a strip of Reflector tape… We suggest using glow sticks or adding a glow bracelet to your wrist or ankle as an alternative.


Another must-have is a flashlight. Make sure to carry a couple flashlights to light up the road when entering low lit areas or when crossing the streets. If your flashlight requires batteries, check what size it needs and pack a couple extra batteries just in case.


If you have a kid who just can’t wait to get home to snack on some candy. We suggest taking some pre-candy that you know they like and is safe to eat. That way they have something to hold them over until you get back home to check their candy bag.

Feel free to add any of your safety tips in the comment section below and for more safety tips visit or

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