Here's What You Can Do With All That Old Halloween Candy

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It's almost that time of year again! Halloween is quickly approaching us. From Pumpkin Spice Lattes to creative Halloween costumes.Some parents may have different opinions on this, but let's see!

Are you the type of parent to go through your child's Halloween candy? Or do you trust their judgment. Some parents like to search each piece and each individual wrapper. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry. Maybe you are the type of family that starts trick-or-treating early so you have way too much candy.

So the question is.... what do you do with all of it?! Do you throw it away? Donate it?

Here are some clever ideas of what to do with your leftover Halloween Candy so it doesn't go to waste and your children aren't eating too much of it!

  1. Treats for Troops - This is run by Solider's Angels that allows you to send sweets to soliders. Kids can even earn buyback prizes
  2. Halloween Candy Buy Back - Businesses like dentist offices get extra candy out of the hands of your kids and exchange them for healthy items like toothbrushes!
  3. Ronald McDonald House Charities - Call your local chapter and bring your unopened Halloween candy for sick children and their families to enjoy.

OR you can have some fun with it and use the candy in different ways you may not have thought of before!

  • Freeze it, add it to milkshakes, sundaes, ice cream or cookie dough!
  • Bake it into cakes, like a peanut butter cup or brownies
  • DIY Trail Mix- forget the expensive Trader Joe's brand, throw some of your own favorites in there!
  • Use it at Thanksgiving
  • Use it with wine (Adults) use chocolate, caramel or Snickers as a side with a nice glass of ride wine.
  • Put chocolates in your coffee for mocha!
  • Keep some in your purse, in case your kid needs it for an emergency
  • Make your own advent calendar!
  • if you have little ones, use it as a counting tool to teach them!
  • Halloween wreath, Christmas ornaments, decorating a gingerbread house or use the wrappers to make Christmas cards!
  • DIY candy necklaces, put it into a pinata if you have an upcoming party!
  • Bring it to the office!

Or just eat it :)

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